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This is a very usual kind of plastic.

Plastics are one of the most dangerous substances if not the most dangerous to life in our planet  (according to the U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency).

Plastics can be divided in two different groups.  Melamine belongs to the rigid group of plastics  (Thermosetting plastics), that means it is much harder  to recycle or even to reuse it.

We need to reduce plastics in our lifes, using reused or recycled plastics. And if we have a choice we  should choose for non-plastic at all.

It is  hard for me to write in english, so you’ll have to excuse me for my mistakes. I have my blog settings for portuguese writing i guess i need to change it because i whant to reach more people.

I’ll post more sustainable alternatives and write about why it’s important.

These bowls in the photo are made from recycled melamine  this is a  green alternative, designed by Zac Designs.

And they look gorgeous to me :)

more details:  treehugger