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Food Design – engaging food and social activity


When designing you  plan, calculate in advance or predict in search  for new purposes. Food designers work to develop new concepts,  inovative relationships between food and social activity.

“A food designer is somebody working with food, with no idea of cooking”. Inga Knölke, 1999


Pre-cut fruit system that allows you to verify that you get the whole fruit and from the same unit.”


“Fish Snack System.
Lets you eat grilled fish with one hand and standing. You squeeze then eat, so aura comes.”


The pie graphic indicates the ingredients of the cake in percentages. Decoration becomes information. Prototypes 2001”


Foodball, BCN


Foodball by Martí Guixé, Barcelona, Casa Camper.

“Food Design is a discipline which had its first opening in Barcelona in 1997 with Martí Guixé: SPAMT.

Food Design makes possible to think in food as an edible designed product, an object that negates any reference to cooking, tradition and gastronomy.

Guixé as a Food Designer builds edible products that are ergonomic, functional, communicative, interactive, visionary but radically contemporary and timeless.”

Martí Guixé


[According to Guixé, “modern food should be eaten without plates and utensils, taste good and be natural, healthy and fun to eat or with some new experience.”  (…) The last great food design is sushi which was designed in part so that people would not have to stop playing cards to eat. Techno-tapas are designed for easy consumption while working on a computer.]   from



[“Eating-design is to design from the verb ‘to eat’”.

Designers who work with the subject ‘food’ are often called ‘food designers’. According to Marije Vogelzang, food is already perfectly and beautifully designed by nature. She designs from the verb ‘to eat’. She is for example inspired by the origin of food, the preparation, etiquette, history or the culture of food. That is why she doesn’t call herself ‘food designer’but, as the first one in The Netherlands, ‘eating-designer’.

“There is no material coming so close to human beings as food”.

It is often thought that designers who work with food only design the shape of the food. Vogelzang’s aim is to look at the content and background of the food. The shape is just a tool to telle the story.

“You put my designs inside your body”.

After 10 years experience in food projects, Vogelzang has developed a philosophy with 8 inspirational points. 8 different ways to, as a designer, get inspired to work with food. Eating design is a uncultivated area with an open field of possibilities. The 8 point philosophy show the opportunities of this specialism.

“Food goes to the stomach, but it can also activate the brain and can call for strong memories and emotions”.

The 8 points are:
– senses
– nature
– cultuur
– society
– technique
– psychology
– science
– action]

Eating-designer Marije Vogelzang from design studio Proef  here.